This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Friday, May 05, 2006

On the way to the Palancas

If I had a story worth the Palancas (and, sadly, I don't), this is the conversation I imagine I'd have with the other hopefuls once I get to its Makati office, right before midnight of April 30, of course--procrastinators rock!!

ME: Who else do you think is joining the Palancas?

KIBITZER: I hear Chari Lucero submitted an entry.

ME: Ooookaaay. That means the most I can hope for is second place.

KIBITZER: Migs Villanueva also joined, they say.

ME: [sighs] Third place, then.

KIBITZER: Ian Casocot, too...

ME: [gets desperate] Maybe tie for third place?

KIBITZER: well as Luis Katigbak, Faye Ilogon and Yvette Tan.

ME: [stuffs entry into bag] Next year na lang.


the spy in the sandwich said...

ahahaha! me, join lang against all odds. if i win, woohoo!

sairo said...

hello janet darling! so di ka pa rin sumali this year? oh well... super busy here in seoul because start na ng seoul young writers festival. panay young superstars yung mga andito, kaka-diyahe. di kilala sa pinas pero may mga ilang may international bestsellers. haaay... buti pa them who write in their own language. ayoko mag-namedrop kung sino yung mga ka-chika ko na superstars. saka na lang pag sikat na sila sa pinas. heh.

janet said...

Ian, I bet your story/essay rocks! =)

Heyo Sairo. Yeth, di na naman ako sumali. Had a story draft but it wasn't so hot. Sayang lang ang copy paper at notary bills kung pilitin ko. Write about the festival, ha? I'm living vicariously through you, y'know!

sairo said...

yes i promise to write about everything cool that happens here. but the past 3 weeks have been packed... speaking of which, hindi pa ako packed. we're leaving seoul early tomorrow to stay at a traditional korean village & another buddhist temple. am looking forward to more talks with pavel the czeck, alejandra the chilean, jorge from mexico and olga from poland. ok sana yung forum the past few days kaso panggulo yung mga korean writers. kainis.

Maryanne Moll said...

see, this is exactly why i didn't join this year. what's the point.