This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From the Happy Box, #1

I keep three Happy Boxes (and may need to set up one more), each storing whatnots that make me happy or remind me of happy times. Stuff like the sand dollar my friend/poet Jeneen found in Bais, Negros in our weekend break from the 2001 Dumaguete workshop, or the 1986 ticket to the UP-FEU championship game that UP won (The Coach bought that ticket for me in the heady first year of our romance), and my first passport issued in 1991.

Good for the soul. And for remembering how incredibly the Lord has blessed The Coach and me through the years, how faithful He has been.

I saw this strip in one of the Boxes. Yes, humor abounds even in the worst of a writer's times. Hee. Laughter is so good. I wish you a belly-aching laugh, at least once this week.


KV said...

Hahaha, funny!

neva said...

Hi Janet! Good cartoon! :) Is the Jeneen you're talking about Jeneen Garcia? She's also my friend from my Ateneo days (she's a member of Heights literary organization, like me). Small world. :)

janet said...

Yup, that'll be Jeneen, one of the two 'child wonders' in our Dumaguete workshop. Wonderful lady, awesome poetry. Small world talaga, no? I found out about your poetry in someone's blog--I forgot whose--which is how I stumbled onto your blog. Nice reading there!