This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Left and Write

Two nights ago The Coach grumbled as he tap-tapped on Samwise, our iBook. “Janet, where are the letters!?!” he reproached me, as if I was singularly responsible for the loss.

I am. Some of the letters, see, I have wiped off the keyboard in my earnestness, and The Coach—whose post-World Cup/NCAA relationship with Samwise is mostly limited to checking or if Championship Productions slashed the prices of its coaching videos—needs the letters to navigate his way around the Web.

My experience with the keyboard was different. Like the many among you who spend dedicated time on the computer, I hardly look at the keyboard; my fingers fly over the QWERTYs as I write. Some time ago, whenever I needed to encode the phrase left and right, I ended up writing left and write. Thrice. Whoa. Samwise the Wise uprears: You, who want to be a writer, write!


As for The Coach’s woes, gee. Help? Are there letters I can buy and stick on the keyboard?

Will bug the trusty Adel Gabot, Mobile Philippines editor and certified MacMan, as soon as he comes back from his well-deserved honeymoon.


Charo said...

{The Cheap Way}
STEP 1: You can do a quick-fix and get one of those scratch-and-transfer letterings available at your suking national bookstore. Make sure your laptop is turned off and start scratching away.
STEP 2: Apply a thin coat of clear nail acrylic to your work.

{The Expensive Way}
STEP 1: (See The Cheap Way step 1)
STEP 2: Buy a keyboard protector.
OR You can buy a keyboard protector and simply apply your letters on top of it. But the keyboard protector is usually made of silicon so I don't know how effectively the letters would stick on it.

{The less Expensive Way}
STEP 1: Buy an external keyboard. Hook it up to your laptop. Once you've done that, you can elevate your laptop screen to a more comfortable level so you won't get that crink in your neck for staring at the screen for so long. :D

janet said...

Hey Char! I did buy a keyboard protector, but regrettably only *after* the letters were wiped off. My bad. But thanks for the suggestions. Will do the cheapo suggestions first (now why didn't I think of that?!?!).

Another question: The Coach wants to buy new speakers for Samwise. Suggestions? His budget is around P3k.

Thanks, Char!

Charo said...

Hmm. Speakers. You have a LOT of options with that kind of budget. JBL, Altec Lansing and Creative brands would be the usual choices. :)

Just give them a test run first before buying them, as always. :D

janet said...

Allrighty, will check them out, Char. =) Thanks for the, er, "sound" advice. [Bad punning, bad punning!]