This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mouse Potato Adventures # 1

When you've got too much housework and so much to shake off from your mind, there's only one reasonable thing to do: reach for the mouse and hop from one site to the other, and you'd discover interesting stuff, like:
  • Niche is pronounced as nich or neesh.
  • Vincent van Gogh was a pastor's kid.
  • Magnatune delivers 60-minute, commercial-free podcasts of Rennaissance music.
  • Rubberneck is an intransitive verb that means "to look about, stare, or listen with exaggerated curiosity [e.g., 'Drivers passing the accident slowed down to rubberneck']."
  • Claire Messud is beautiful.
  • James Joyce's Araby is best read and heard.


paul said...

i like c. messud a lot, but the babe would definitely be zadie smith. she's really purdy, writes really well, is smart, and seems like the kind of girl who'll be as at home discussing the significance of the 'narrative blank' (ha, i made that up) in julio cortazar's fiction as having beer-drinking and belching competitions with you.

janet said...

hmmm. will check out zadie smith, then.

'lika--belching competition tayo! don't have agita for nothing, you know. heh.

janet said...

Oy, Paul, ang ganda nga ni Zadie Smith! Grabe, and what, she's 30 lang? Cruel world! =)

paul said...

yeh. i really enjoyed her first novel, 'white teeth' (published when she was, ack, 25). am looking forward to reading 'on beauty,' but it hasn't turned up in the bargain bins yet. heh.

and she's also a howling fan of david foster wallace--we could talk about 'infinite jest' until she calls the police and asks them to whisk me away.