This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Justice denied

Time Magazine (August 28, 2006 issue) reported there are more Americans who can name off the bat two of Snow White's seven dwarfs than two Supreme Court justices.

I can believe that.

I probably know more of the cast of Ed or Gilmore Girls than of those who sit at the Kataas-taasang Hukuman ng Pilipinas. A scenario most likely not limited to me.

Which is a shame, for that reveals our lack of political will, a loss by default not to lead ourselves.

Starting tomorrow I will have to fly to Cebu several times to help protect my family against the consequences of such an apathy, this time from among city government employees. I will, literally, have to fight City Hall.

As a lawyer I know the courts will not listen to me unless I establish a clear legal right to get a temporary restraining order (TRO) against a private project protected by those in power. As a citizen I burn in anger because I should not be required to prove why my rights should not be overtaken so.

I ran into walls at City Hall just trying to explain that, yes, I am a part of those whom the government serves, and stand equal with my rich next-door neighbor, never mind her powerful political connections.

A gargantuan task, especially when my parents—a schoolteacher and a local government employee, both retired—can rely only on the family's collective wits and determination.

Among the fallout in this case that leave a bad taste in the mouth are three I detest the most: filing a case; parrying with the head honcho who, I have been thrice warned, is vindictive; and dealing with the media.

Oh, to be left in peace to just write.

The evils of the world are better seen in fictive light.


kilcher said...

wish you all the best, ma'am janet. :) mukhang mahirap yang susuungin mo ah.

jonjoaquin said...

re "dealing with the media": use us to your advantage. we're easy.

hey, wait... media man pud ka! :-)

maryanne said...

i remember an episode of the tonight show with jay leno. he went around with a large close-up photo of bill clinton and asked people who the guy in the photo was.

many didn't know who he was.

jay: are you sure you don't know?

respondent: i can't really tell. he sure looks familiar.

jay: he could be anyone.

respondent: (laughs)

jay: he could even be the president of the united states.

respondent: (laughs)

closer to home, a year ago a tv journalist went around asking young people who ninoy aquino was. many didn't know who he was, except for one, who answered the question with this question: "tatay ba siya ni kris aquino?"

and we wonder if they are watching too much tv.

sairo said...

hey janet. was hoping to see you in a few days, in much better circumstances. sounds like the beginnings of a dirty fight. hope it won't be too horrible for you.

maryanne said...

hey, i tagged you for a book list.

gary said...

hello Janet,

Apologies for this long one, wish I could email instead. Anyway, I've been following your blog and would just like to say how terrific it is that you to write so passionately, in particular about UP and the UAAP.

If you can, please visit my group blog, basically composed of ordinary guys who like to write about ball.

Please consider this an invitation to contribute. Should you feel inclined, your unique perspective and opinions would be most welcome.

I hope you consider it and thank you. My email is ghmercado at gmail dot com.


janet said...

Kilcher, thanks so much. Whew, so drained emotionally, physically and mentally. Case has reached the Sangguniang Panlungsod; have to parry the mayor on one side and the police on the other.

Maryanne, that Jay Leno is a hoot! I'll have to pass on the tag for now: no time to even post something in my blog. :(

Sairo, welllllcccooooooommmmmme back!

Hi Gary, nice blog you have there. When my Cebu case is no longer so stifling, I'll find a way to contribute to your blog. Warning, though: I'm not that well-versed with basketball. I just enjoy it so. :)