This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Friday, June 08, 2007

Struck by lightning

Much could be said about Jack's Ridge: how this resort and restaurant complex high up in Shrine Hills, Matina, was once a Japanese outpost in World War II; how it had been under water before the sea retreated and left clams on the mountaintops; how the coffee shop, they say, fails to produce brews as spectacular as the Ridge's view of the city and Davao Gulf.

But all that is overshadowed by what Jack's Ridge had given me.

I was taking photos of the moon "riding on ghostly skies" when lightning flashed low on the horizon as I pressed the shutter.

It gave me this:


radueriel said...


i wanna catch a lightning the next time i'm taking pictures...


muzta man ka, atty.?

kilcher said...

whoa! ang ganda ng labas ng pic.

hello there, ma'am janet :)

janet said...

Hi Radueriel and Kilcher! It is pretty, isn't it? The power of chamba. :)

The Mentat said...

WHOA!!! Mamamia! What a pic! I've always longed to get pictures like these. Lucky you!

I hope to see more pic samples, if you can oblige... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Coach's wife!
Nice pic!