This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mothering Heights

I wrote my first column on mothering for the startup online magazine OSM! (read Awesome!). Only 536 words. I agonized over them all afternoon last Thursday. While I played tea party with my three-year-old, wearing a hat and saying the right things that made her laugh and snuggle close to me, my thoughts chased after words. I was overwhelmed by all that I had to say, by the ordinariness of all I felt.

Sometimes writing is like picking a scab: painful, grotesque, self-mutilating, but you just gotta.

Hot off the press: here's the article.


Paul said...

Just finished reading this, Mum.

Thank you :)

janet said...

Thanks, sweetie. "Domestic fluff"? :)