This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Thursday, August 24, 2006

PR runs the world

In a CSI Miami episode, an elegant, coiffed woman who ran her own PR company blustered to the police about how her fifteen-year-old daughter was innocent and was merely driven to crime by the wiles of a criminal.

Duquesne, the blonde with the nasal voice that somehow manages to squeak, replied, “With all due respect, Ma’am, that’s just PR.”

“Yeah?” the woman retorted. “Well, the world runs on PR. Even trials.”


I’m thinking: Maybe even basketball? And how we address issues affecting a team? And the league? And officiating? And, most importantly, raising support?



bitoy said...

Ma'am Janet, you also love CSI Miami? damn! i am a die-hard fan of all three CSI shows (CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miami and CSI New York). it really amazes me how these forensics people do their job and solve a case with only limited pieces of evidence available.

if there is one thing that would really enable us to address all of those issues that you have mentioned in the last paragraph, that would be HONESTY. as long as people operating within college basketball and Philippine society, as a whole, are not honest, well, none of those issues will be properly addressed.

p.s.: speaking of basketball, i am still wondering why those referees make the entire UP MBT suffer when they only have a grudge on Coach Joe Lipa? *rolls eyes*

sairo said...

yup. i be home next month :) can't wait to see you again! really enjoyed last sunday with coco, and thank the Lord, we're still friends despite my subway booboo. but my last month here is super hectic. i gots 2 papers to write & deliver at a public forum & at an intl symposium w/ media coverage & 250 ppl in the audience. grabe ang pressure. trying very hard to laugh at the situation pero the haha turns into huhuhu.

janet said...

Bitoy: Yup, I enjoy CSI, though sometimes I prefer Law & Order. :) About the referees, I guess it's a case of Binondo + grudge.

Sands! So glad you were able to meet up with Coco. I asked her before she left if she was going to see you, but she wasn't sure she could get away from what could be a rather punishing sched, so 'di na ako nakapagpadala ng salty stuff (I remember you longed for that in the first month of your stay there). Hope you'll get through this month, dear. Hang in there!