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This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Friday, August 25, 2006

UP Naming Mahal

Something interesting from one of the forums that discuss Maroons basketball: After the recent clash of the Katipuneros, while UP students and alums sang the alma mater song, one Atenean asked another why the UP hymn was in Filipino when all other school hymns were in English.

One of the UP supporters flanking the two Ateneans—no doubt also piqued that many Ateneans had invaded the seats reserved for UP—snapped: "What's more puzzling is why seven out of eight universities in the UAAP sing their hymns in English!"

Actually, the song was first written in English and titled "UP Beloved." I don't know, though, when it was translated to Filipino.

For the Maroons who only mumble when singing our school hymn, here are the lyrics (as far as The Coach and I know them; please let us know if there are any inaccuracies).

May we all indeed become what we have been called—the hope of the nation:

by Nicanor Abelardo

UP naming mahal, pamantasang hirang.
Ang tinig namin sana’y inyong dinggin.
Malayong lupain amin mang mararating
‘Di rin magbabago ang damdamin.
‘Di rin magbabago ang damdamin.

Luntian at pula, sagisag magpakailanman.
Pagdiwang natin, bulwagan ng dangal
Humayo’t itanghal giting at tapang.
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan.
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan.

Thanks to Bitoy and Sir A for pointing out the inaccuracies! :)


bitoy said...

oh... UP Naming Mahal... the song that i will forever cherish in my heart. :-)

p.s.: Ma'am Janet, it's "Ang tinig namin sana’y inyong dinggin" and "Ating ipagdiwang, bulwagan ng dangal."i hope you wouldn't mind me making those corrections. hehehe! :-)

bitoy said...

Ma'am Janet, please forgive me for this correction.

instead of "Malayong lupain aming mararating", it should be, "Malayong lupain amin mang marating."

sorry po talaga. :-)

Anonymous said...

The UE school song is also in Filipino. "Pamantasan ng Silangan..." So it can't possibly be seven of eight, unless we're talking poetic license here.

janet said...

Thanks, Bitoy! Not a prob. :) The Coach, however, thinks it should be "Pagdiwang natin," instead of "Ating ipagdiwang." Surfed the Net, but didn't find much on this.

Hi anonymous. Nope, not poetic license--just an honest error. I was quoting the post from memory, but I distinctly remember it said 7 out of 8. That's interesting--I didn't know UE's hymn is in Filipino. I should really listen to other school hymns more. Thanks for the info!

sairo said...

it's 2:30am here in seoul and after reading this, i suddenly got this urge to go up the rooftop and sing "UP Naming Mahal" at this sleeping city of 11 million people. buti na lang i stopped myself, heh heh.

Sir A said...

I think The Coach is correct on "Pagdiwang natin..." Also, I think line 3, 1st stanza should go, "Malayong lupain, amin mang marating" :)

janet said...

Sairo: Had you done that, the headlines would've been interesting--Pinay sings her soul in Seoul. (Sorry, can't think of something clever, heh.)

Sir A: Thanks for the corrections! Buti na lang you guys can't hear The Coach and I sing the song. Iba-iba register, pitch at tono namin dalawa.

kilcher said...

i think i only learned this song right in time for graduation.* tsk tsk tsk. but i get chills, no matter what. lalo na dun sa last part. :) iba talaga ang UP Naming Mahal :)

*i'll blame that to being part of eng'g. pinangatawan ko na ang stereotype na walang pakialam :)

kilcher said...

btw, i put you in my links. i hope you don't mind :)

janet said...

Hey Kilcher: Been meaning to ask you too if I could link yours to this blog. You have a great site there, and there are so few of us baskies out there (my term, medyo corny, heh). Thanks.

Bitoy: Sorry, having problems accessing my blog. Can't seem to post the corrections you made. Soon, I hope. :)

kilcher said...

sige po, link lang ng link :) actually i'm going through some withdrawal thing with basketball hahaha. actually need a break from it. nakakadepress, lalo na this season na ampanget ng nangyari sa mga teams ko haha. so i guess i'm going focus muna on the other stuff aside from basketball (although may world championships heehee).

anyway, it feels so good to know there are others who share my love for the game. :)

migraine_man said...

Memorized this after orientation. Never got to sing it till after several years later. :) Don't know the tune though since i've never heard it sung the same way on different occasions. :) Thanks for documenting it Janet! :)

janet said...

Sige, take a break muna, Kilcher. You deserve it. :)

Yo, the migraine man! The Coach and I will sing it to you. Daan ka sa bahay minsan. :)

Dominique said...

Yeah... I believe that Alma mater songs should be in Filipino because it's our national language. Dapat talaga ganoon... Anyway, ours is the most beautiful song... Very humble... (",) Have you heard Ateneo's? It's not the one they sing after every game. Let's just say that theirs is high, mighty and proud...

janet said...

Hi Dominique. I actually like the Ateneo song (soweee!).

I especially like the part, "Win or lose, it's the school we choose. This is the Ateneo way"--which, I suspect, is the part you don't like. :)

If I remember right, it was the late Raul Manglapus who wrote the song, but the tune is borrowed from the national anthem of Canada or some school in the U.S.--I forgot which. I'll ask The Coach. He knows about this stuff.

bitoy said...

congratulations to the UP Fighting Maroons for that VERY SWEET VICTORY over the UE Red Warriors, 90-85, yesterday, September 3, 2006. what a way to end Season 69!

Anna said...

Ma'am Janet, I guess Bitoy's right about the corrections.

You can check it here. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I started singing "UP Naming Mahal" in 1993 when I entered highschool at UPIS. Since then, and even up to now, I can feel every word of the song in my heart. And I still cannot further explain why I get teary-eyed whenever I sing my alma mater song.