This, above all:

This, above all: To be God's best for The Coach and for Anna

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Go, Blakey!

With two more rounds of singing to go, I'm putting all my eggs in the Blake basket. This boy is an artist and a songwriter. He understands music and its nuances. He can fill a stadium electric. It's about time American Idol puts in a performer, one who fearlessly redesigns his songs and not just one who'd belt them out—those are a dime a dozen. Let's find those who'd leave a legacy of music, not just singing.

And such a gentleman. Given the chance to sing last, decidedly a better slot, he opts to let Jordin choose.

Even if he doesn't win, he'd have a good career.*

Team Villa is divided on the issue; The Coach leaves the room when Blake sings. He's a Melinda Doolittle fan, like I am. I tell him mixing is an art, and so is beatboxing. (And then he turns on the other TV.)

*Postscript: Yeah, give the boy a ballad he can't sing, and let Jordin, who sang nothing but, run away with tears at the end. Don't get me wrong: I do like Jordin and she's fantastic, but I'm up to here (see me slash my neck) with mere singers.

Postscript ad nauseam: Oh man, that Chris Daughtry should win tonight, hands down. Love him.


Alvin said...

The Coach's Wife: certified Blaker Girl. Just like Paula Abdul. Ü And is it just me, or did some make-up artist applied some thin eye make-up on Chris Daughtry?

janet said...

Alvin: Thin? That was some heavy eyeliner! :) Loved Melinda Dolittle in tonight's show: she can sing with the best and can hold her own. She rocks!